Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Light Dimension

outfit:Moon Elixir - Gothique @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 1 - Lara - Harness - RARE
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 2 - Lara - Pants - RARE
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 3 - Lara - Choker
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 4 - Lara - Sleeves
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 7 - Lara - Red Corset
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 12 - Lara - Red Pasties
Moon Elixir - Gothique - 22 - Lara - Red Boots

photobooth:FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Neon City VOL2 BW@Limit8

claws:Astralia - Feline claws (Maitreya bento)@BISHBOX

pose:Poseidon Arkade Kombat Sweep Complete 1-6/Arkade Kombat Sweep 6

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Maximus & Rapunzel

Base Dress Pink Clare
Belt Pearl
Collar pearl
Upper Skirt
Top Pearl
Fajin pearl

flower crown:Astralia - Kamalia flower Crown with color HUD@k9

hair:pr!tty - Endless @Enchantment

tower:The Beautiful Rapunzel Tower MUSHILU@Enchantment

horse:Teegle bento

 Dotty dot

eyeshadow:::SG:: Polka Liner  for CATWA Heads@Powder Pack
nails:::SG:: CuteBow Mesh Nails VISTA-MAITREYA-TUTY HANDS@Lost & Found

rings:::SG:: Celtic MESH rings BENTO Maitreya  HANDS

pose:FOXCITY. Cutie Pie Bento Set/FOXCITY. Cutiepie-2 

Monday, May 22, 2017


outfit:CUREMORE/ Selenopolis GACHA@The Fatasy Gacha Carnival
CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Maschinenmensch Claws (Left/Right) RARE
CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress  (Heart)
CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress  (Panty) RARE
CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress  (Skirt) RARE
CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress  (Top) RARE
CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Futura Tiara (Gold)
CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Arms (Left/Right) RARE
CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Robotrix Boots (Magma)
moon:CUREMORE / Selenopolis / La Lune (Gold)

hair+makeup:Glam Affair&Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie&Unseelie@The Fatasy Gacha Carnival
Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Polar 02
Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie and Unseelie hair - review

pose: Poseidon Death of dreams 3

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Somewhere in my minds

bodysuit:-mL- Sumaiya Bodysuit (Maitreya/3Belleza/2SLink/TMP)NEW! 

stone bench:Boudoir Romantic Floral Bench

garden table+chairs:Boudoir Victorian Cast Iron Collection
Victorian Cast Iron Table White
Victorian Cast Iron Chair White

Spring Flowers Bush
Poppy Meadow
Morning Glory Bush@HOME & GARDEN expo charity SOON!

tree:Le Poppycock *Easy Breezy*

birdcage:[NC] - The Birdcage@Totally Top Shelf

pose:FOXCITY. Bento Editorial VOL1 @Limit8 
FOXCITY. Editorial VOL1-3

Friday, May 19, 2017

Queen feelings

 dress:.AiShA. Gothel Dress @The Enchantment

crown:*AvaWay* LUTHIEN_Crown@The Enchantment

make up:A R T E - Metal Make-Up Set @ The Garage Fair 

nails::::SG::Tere* MeshNails VISTA-MAITREYA-TUTY HANDS@On Main Store

pose:FOXCITY. Bento Editorial VOL1 @Limit8
FOXCITY. Editorial VOL1-7

hair:pr!tty - Endless@The Enchantment

necklace:.aisling. Everild Necklace old item

Unlock ME

rings: Astralia - Anarchy Rings@ULTRA 

belt:Astralia - Chastity belt set@ROMP
Astralia - Chastity belt
Astralia - Chastity bracelet

nails:::SG:: Tied MeshNails VISTA-MAITREYA-TUTY HANDS NEW! @on Main store

left pose:FOXCITY. The Goods (Bento)NEW! @on Main store

right pose:).MYSTERIKA.( Laying Pretty Pose

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daisy elf

hair:pr!tty - Endless @Enchantment
pr!tty - Branch Headband - {Daisy}
pr!tty - Branch Scrunchies
pr!tty - Endless - :rigged:

outfit:!dM deviousMind "Lailaa"  
LARA dancerSilks **GOLD**@Fantasy Gacha Carnival

nails:::SG:: Diana Mesh Nails  VISTA-MAITREYA-TUTY HANDS@eBento

eyeshadow:::SG:: ColorUS Shadow for CATWA Heads@Mesh Body Addict

pose:FOXCITY.  Spotlight Bento Set/FOXCITY. Spotlight-1m

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Catch the miracle

flying flowers:
11)Air_Flower Lantern_W Cherry Blossom pink_CM@The Enchantment
15)Air_Flower Lantern_Water lily mauve_CM@The Enchantment
9)Air_Flower Lantern_Cherry Blossom blue_CM@The Enchantment
4)Air_Flower Lantern_Magnolia white_CM@The Enchantment

pose:[evoLove] - Rapunzel Fatpack/Rapunzel 10@The Enchantment

headband:12. Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Crown  (Rosy)@The Enchantment
diadem:14. Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Diadem (Violet)@The Enchantment

dress:t.O. Tangled Princess Costume

feets:~ToddleeDoo - TippyToes (v.3.1) NEW!!!

body:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (

head:*TD* Baby Mesh Head Bento - ALICE

hair:[monso] My Hair - Jane /Blonde@C88

Miracles in my bedroom

musicbox:*HEXtraordinary* Rapunzel Music Box@The Enchantment

flying flowers:
11)Air_Flower Lantern_W Cherry Blossom pink_CM@The Enchantment
15)Air_Flower Lantern_Water lily mauve_CM@The Enchantment
9)Air_Flower Lantern_Cherry Blossom blue_CM@The Enchantment
4)Air_Flower Lantern_Magnolia white_CM@The Enchantment

flowers:((LovelyAlien))FableFlowers_ClusterC_MultiColor_1LI@The Enchantment
((LovelyAlien))FableFlowers_ClusterB_MultiColor_1LI@The Enchantment

hair set:Bliensen + MaiTai - Rapunzel - Hairbrush Set@The Enchantment

pose:[evoLove] - Rapunzel Fatpack/Rapunzel 10@The Enchantment

headband:12. Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Crown  (Rosy)@The Enchantment
diadem:14. Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Diadem (Violet)@The Enchantment

bedroom:.:Bee Designs:. Princes Dream Bedroom Gacha@The Enchantment

sun mirror:.:Bee Designs:. Princes Dream Sun Mirror@The Enchantment

lights:.:Bee Designs:. Princes Dream Stars@The Enchantment

pascal:1.Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Pascal RARE@The Enchantment

dress:t.O. Tangled Princess Costume 

feets:~ToddleeDoo - TippyToes (v.3.1) NEW!!!

body:~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (

head:*TD* Baby Mesh Head Bento - ALICE

hair:[monso] My Hair - Jane /Blonde@C88

Monday, May 15, 2017


 pose:FOXCITY. The Tube Bento Set/FOXCITY. The Tube-6@eBento

metro tube:FOXCITY. Destination:London Photo Booth (With Lights) NEW!!@eBento

outfit:=Zenith=leather legging with belt/=Zenith=Cross straps sweater /=Zenith=Leather Fringe Backpack/=Zenith=Vintage Leather Boots with Socks
hais:[monso] My Hair - Melisa

NO smoking rebels

 metro tube:FOXCITY. Destination:London Photo Booth (With Lights) NEW!!@eBento

me(pink)pose:FOXCITY. The Journey Bento Set/FOXCITY. The Journey-7@eBento

me(pink)hair:*PH* 8175 @ Enchantment 

me(pink)pants:GizzA - Nicky Skinny Jeans [Floral]
me(pink):jacket+bag+glasses:GizzA - Asymmetric Leather Jacket/GizzA - Tote Bag/GizzA - Sunglasses

thank you honey for help :) ♥

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Feel the scents

 dress:*Sweet Kajira *Rapunzel pink Dress  @ The Enchantment

hair:Mello. Entangled@ The Enchantment

pose:FOXCITY. Formal VOL2 Bento Set/FOXCITY. Formal VOL2-7

I will never return there

 dress:Luas Alexia Gown @ The Enchantment

hair:{Letituier} Rapunzel Hair@ The Enchantment

pascal:1.Yokai - Tale of Rapunzel - Pascal RARE@ The Enchantment

pose:FOXCITY. Formal VOL1 Bento Set /FOXCITY. Formal VOL1-3 (Big gown) (Fatpack exclusive)

Waiting on you

 dress:Kaithleen's Rapunzel Dress - Fatpack Maitreya@ The Enchantment

hair:\//. VoluptasVirtualis -Rapunzel@ The Enchantment

pose+roses:FOXCITY. Flowers Bento Set /FOXCITY. Flowers-7 (Slim gown)FOXCITY. Flowers-1 Prop Bouquet (Touch for Colours)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The power of flower

 dress:-*Dirty Princess* -The Lost Princess@Enchantment May 13
**Dirty Princess** The Lost Princess Dress w/Jacket All

flower+earrings:"Moon_Sha" Magic Flower@Enchantment May 13

skin+hair:Glam Affair&Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie&Unseelie@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tableau Vivant \\ Seelie and Unseelie hair - RARE
Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Polar 07

dress:{NYAN} My Lil Lantern@Enchantment May 13
{N} My Lil Lantern - Rapunzel [RARE 1]

heels:Mosquito's Way - Shaylee for Maitreya@Enchantment May 13

necklace:Baubles! by Phe TheLightNecklace (Gold)@Enchantment May 13

pose:FOXCITY. The Journey Bento Set/FOXCITY. The Journey-7

dolls:* My Cute rapunzel@Enchantment May 13
* My Cute Rapunzel * Purple Decoration 2
* My Cute Rapunzel * Orange Decoration 1
* My Cute Rapunzel * Blue Decoration 3
* My Cute Rapunzel * Orange Cuddle Doll
* My Cute Rapunzel * Cuddle Rapunzel RARE
* My Cute Rapunzel * Purple Cuddle Doll
pascal:* My Cute Rapunzel * Green Head Decoration

scene:Astralia - Vintage backgrounds (Hair Saloon)@Rewind

trellis:Volver - Lighted Wire Trellis@Enchantment May 13

clock:Little Llama - Sun Clock - Wood@Enchantment May 13

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Jane @C88

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

At last I see the lights

 lanterns + boat:.peaches. Now That I See You @Enchantment May 13

another lanterns:[PR] Floating Paper Lanterns @Enchantment May 13
[PR] Floating Paper Lantern - Red
[PR] Floating Paper Lantern - Yellow / Red

pose:[evoLove] - Rapunzel Fatpack/Rapunzel 10@Enchantment May 13

dress:Broken Style_Enchantment Rapunzel@Enchantment May 13
Broken Style_Rapunzel Dress maitreya <>

chameleon:= Fashiowl Poses = Pascal @Enchantment May 13

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Jane @ C88

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rapunzel & Pascal

flowers with ribbons:*N*Rapunzel Review pack @Enchantment May 13
*N*Rapunzel Hair Band R White
*N*Rapunzel Hair pierce R White

gown+hair+hair flowers:NSP Rapunzel@Enchantment May 13

pose+pascal:= Fashiowl Poses = Enchantment Rapunzel@Enchantment May 13
Fashiowl - Pascal Pose 6

Excited kitty

 top:Astralia - kawaii Kitty top (Maitreya)@Cutie Loot at MP

corset hands:Astralia - Hands piercings corset (Maitreya bento)@Crossroads

nails:Astralia - Compatible nails system (Maitreya Almond base)

hair:[monso] My Hair - Jane@Collabor 88
skin:Catwa Skin applier - Mocha - Dakota (Enfer Sombre*)@Collabor 88
tail+ears:+ FGC NEKO'NEKO + {aii}at mainstore
eyelashes:Arte - Natural Lashes [Catwa, Bento]

pose:FOXCITY. Dolls VOL2 Bento Set/FOXCITY. Dolls VOL2-5 (Fatpack exclusive)

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Chess Goddess

Dress+boots:Boudoir Checkmate Dress

headpiece:ERSCH - Vij BUY ALL @Coven

collar:ERSCH - Lia Choker  Black@TDSF4

eyeshadow: A R T E - Night Out Eyeshadow@anyBODY - Think Sexy !

hair:Mello. Midsummer Gacha/Mello. Midsummer 11@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Somewhere over the clouds

window+pose:ERSCH&Dreamcatcher - DREAMFUL Gacha /ERSCH - Dreamful Gacha RARE 19 Swing@Chapter4

lipstick:A R T E - Creamy Lips @ Cosmopolitan 7th May

outfit:AiShA Victoria Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
,AiShA. Victoria Top Hat All Colors (NT)
.AiShA. Bow Collar Red (NT)
.AiShA. Victoria Cuffs Maitreya Black (NT)
.AiShA. Victoria Shirt Maitreya B/W (NT)
.AiShA. Victoria Skirt Maitreya Black (NT)